Check out the album cover and press photos I made with Micah Wood for Butch Dawson’s amazing new album “Lower Mercury”.

listen to Lower Mercury here. 

Lower Mercury (Album) at 1pm via stream & D/l

This is all about spaces. Even Baltimore spaces. Shit gets blue living in the city and Im really down to deliver the beauty I see through my eyes. Lower Mercury has been an inspiration for me sort of. Every song ain’t just a song like im pretty sure you can feel the story and experience through every song. Cry diamond tearz and show me the sincereness it aint about me its about you. After this, I hope to have my own ketchup thats blue to put all over my 3 piece chicken box w/ fries everything fried hard. But thats my vision. Get deep, go imagination, get emotionally raged up and smoke your pewny blunts to this. Thanks to Andrew and Me for mixing and mastering. Thanks to Ronin Wood & Micah E Wood (FAM Design) for art & cover work. Thanks to Llamadon & 7thfloorvillains for motivating me everyday to make an awesome project if it wasnt for yall id still be 7 steps back. Always and forever Rest in Peace Reese because even though you passed, you still own the corner of Laurens & Division 563. Thanks to Jumbled , Elon, Bell Foundery for letting me live there to work on my album damn its been icey. Thanks to god and myself too. Yeahh


Sola’moor Release Party, August 8th @ The Wind Up Space 8pm-12am

Live performances from: Al Rogers, Butch Dawson, Rakeem Miles, TT The Artist, 83 Cutlass, Chrissy Vasquez + sounds from HI$TO***

artwork by Ronin Wood



Butch Dawson: On Lower Mercury, Unwarranted Advice & His Creative Space

Shot by Micah E. Wood
Edited by Ronin Wood

#LowerMercury tracklist. July 29th.
Traclist by FAM!

Official Cover Art for #LowerMercury July 29th. Big thanks to FAM design!

Cover by FAM!

Butch Dawson: On Lower Mercury, Unwarranted Advice & His Creative Space


new interview w/the Baltimore rapper @butchdawson_ by the homie @truelaurels #dope





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